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Sites of the Dialogues of the Carmelites in Paris a post by Kyrian Corona

Today, I walked all around my neighborhood snapping photos of sites where executions took place. I also visited Picpus Cemetery, where the Carmelites and other mass graves from the executions are buried.

Picpus Cemetery

The cemetery is very beautiful, with gardens, roses, chickens running around, and an apiary. Marquis de Lafayette and his wife are also buried here. It was a very emotional experience. There was a steady stream of visitors (mostly French) who were very interested in the Carmelites and Lafayette.

Mass grave of Guillotine victims

Tomb of Marquis de Lafayette

The Place de l’Île de la Réunion, abutting Place de la Nation in the 12th arrondissement, is the exact location where the guillotine was set up. I regularly walk through this place on the way to the grocery store and the metro:

Place de l'Île de la Réunion

Place de la Nation

Cafe Dalou - named for the sculptor who created the bronzes in Place de la Nation.

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