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Liza Barskaya

Liza Barskaya spent her childhood training in dance throughout the greater Los Angeles area. She attended summer programs for American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet and Ballet Austin. She joined Ballet Austin as a Professional Division Trainee from 2010-2012 and then relocated to NYC before returning to LA. Liza spent four seasons with Benita Bike’s DanceArt Company based in LA. She has also performed with the Martha Graham Dance Company, Ballet Austin, Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers, The Assembly, Evan Rosenblatt and Dancers, Rappaport Dance, Dances Patrelle, American Swiss Ballet, Homo Veritas Dance Theatre, and Mesopotamian Opera Company. Liza has performed, choreographed and directed for Creating Higher Ground and Independent Opera Company. Liza performed in John Tesh’s documentary and performance tour, “Alive: Music and Dance”, Red Hot Organization’s “Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell” and in Darling Media’s “Self(i.e.)”. Her choreographic work includes the musical production of “I Love You, Because” by the Red Brick Road Theatre Company and Endeavor Theatre Ensemble, Emelia Austin’s “Desire to Reveal” music video and Surf Curse’s music video “Disco” in which she also starred. In addition to her work, Liza teaches ballet lessons throughout the greater Los Angeles area.


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