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All jokes aside, IOC invites you to a very special seance!

Picture by Ron Batzdorff

Madame Flora stages seances within her home, assisted by her capable daughter, Monica, and Madame’s mute servant, Toby. Invited guests attend with the promise of being connected with their loved ones who have passed on. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Gobineau, who spend years visiting Madame Flora for weekly seances. Mrs. Nolan joins the pair who are under the guise that they can enter a shared realm with their dearly departed within the walls of Madame Flora’s home. Business begins as usual until suddenly an odd occurrence forces Madame Flora to question if the seance is really happening or if Monica and Toby are playing their part exceedingly well. Enjoy this clip from IOC’s 2019/2020 season opener G.C. Menotti’s “The Medium”.

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