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What people are saying about Brooke's concert...

I really enjoyed the selections, which were an attractive mix of lesser-known lyric/coloratura rep (the Platée aria, the Snow Maiden) with favorites like the Willow Song from Ballad of Baby Doe and the Laughing Song from Die Fledermaus. Seasoned opera aficionados and neophytes alike would find this program very appealing. I’ve known Brooke since her student days at Cal Baptist and this program features some of the best singing I’ve heard from her. Hers has always been a lovely instrument, but I hear now a voice that’s really come into its own with dazzling coloratura and effortless, shimmering high notes. Galina Barskaya’s masterful and supportive playing complemented Ms. Lohman’s artistry without overshadowing it. Having seen our share of living-room recitals and stay-at-home music making over the past year, it was refreshing to see two artists collaborating in the same space, making the most of Brentwood Presbyterian’s generous acoustics. Moreover, Command VirFormance has produced a concert video of superior quality, using three cameras to provide a variety of perspectives throughout the program. The audio and video quality are impressive without being over-produced and allows the artists’ performance to take center stage. Finally, I appreciated the fact that the program was kept refreshingly brief, with a delightful Artist Spotlight segment providing an intermission of sorts. Projects such as the IOC Stars in Concert Series continue to demonstrate the potential of live-stream to bring performances to audiences that otherwise might not be able (or willing) to attend a live recital. Congratulations all around and best wishes with the rest of the concert series! - Kevin St. Clair, DMA

Galina Barskaya is a master of operatic expression. She works tirelessly to bring young singers along and give them productions of entire operas to perform in. In this pandemic year she has chosen to start her online season with a single soprano in concert. And what a soprano! Brooke Iva Lohman has a beautiful voice, serious legato, flawless coloratura and high notes your haven’t heard in a long time. With Barskaya at the piano, sensitive, emotional, never mechanical, you have a first class combination. The performance of the Snow Maiden’s aria by Rimski-Korsakov in Russian is absolute perfection. The “Willow Song” from the Ballad of Baby Doe is right up there with the greats. Among many pieces, she sings the Thomas “A Vox Jeux” from Hamlet and Adele’s aria “Mein Herr Marquis” from Fledermaus with pitch-perfect aplomb. The whole event is beautifully framed, lit and directed by Aaron Ball and the sound quality is excellent. Don’t miss it while it’s still available. - Peter Wing Healey, Director, The Mesopotamian Opera Company


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