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IOC Reopening Gala 2021 was a big success!

Dear friends and fans,

IOC 2021 reopening Gala was a huge success!

What a joy to welcome back our wonderful audience both at the venue and online!

Our singers and performers truly outdid themselves with their amazing art. What a wonderful program of true rarities as well as everyone favorites! It's not every day that you get to hear Mozart, Rimsky-Korsakov, Taktakishvili and Sondheim in one performance.

And we had delicious refreshments and wine, including home made banana bread,

cookies and also a gourmet main course prepared by celerity chef

Matthew Tunney!

For those of you who missed an opportunity to watch the Gala: we are extending virtual access to this event! It will be available until October 3rd. Here is the link: IOC 2021 Gala virtual access.



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