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Queen of Spades - Pikovaya Dama

IOC concludes it's fifth season with dramatic Russian opera! Four performances on June 23, 24, 30 and July 1 at Protection Of The Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Church (Russian Hall) 2041 Argyle Ave Los Angeles CA 90068.

Based on a story by A. Pushkin Queen of Spades is one of the most incredible 19th century Russian operas. It tells a story of doomed love, obsession and mystery.


Hermann is in love with Liza, but the social difference between them is too great. After hearing the story about Countess, Liza's grand mother, and her mysterious knowledge of the secret of "three cards" Hermann becomes obsessed with a desire to find out the secret which he believes will lead him to the right of marriage to his beloved. He succeeds in founding out the secret, but it all leads to tragedy and not a desired happiness. However there is a glimpse of redemption, hope and forgiveness toward the end...

Music Director: Galina Barskaya Stage Director: Carson Gilmore

Dancer: Liza Barskaya Stage Manager: Jenna Jacobson

Cast: Hermann-William Grundler Count Tomsky (Zlatogor)-Ken Simms, Esteban Perez Prince Yeletsky-William Vallandigham Chekalinsky-David Connors Surin-Mathew Soibelman Chaplitsky-Manfred Anaya Narumov-Misha Barsky Countess-Erin Murphy Liza-Roksana Zeinapur Polina-(Milovzor)-Rachel Labovitch Governess-Sarah Bloxham Masha-Savi Labensart Ceremonies' Master: Ryan Marshall Characters During the Interlude Prilepa-Tiffany Ho Chorus: Soprani: Joy Axelrod, Kelsey Kwong, Anne LaBella, Emilie Doering Altos: Lani Basich, Janice Batzdorff, Cynthia Stary, Ria Mukund Tenors: Manfred Anaya, Ryan Marshall Basses: Matt Soibelman, Misha Barsky, David Fetterman

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