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Bartered Bride

Bartered Bride

Independent Opera Company presents one of the most beloved comic operas of all time! Two lovers need to overcome many obstacles to be together. What tricks will they be using to stay together? How can they outsmart cunning matchmaker and stubborn parents? And what traveling circus and run away bear have to do with all of this? Come and watch our production to find out! Beautiful soloists, wonderful chorus, great dancers, innovative staging!

Galina Barskaya, Artistic Director

Maurice Godin, Stage Director

Liza Barskaya, Choreographer


Krusina-Kurt Winterhalter, Eugene Carbajal (cover)

Ludmila-Erica Lazerow

Marie-Chloe Smart, Jennifer Weiss (cover)

Micha-Michael Margulies

Hata- Amber Alarcon, Aubrey Hawkinson (cover)

Vasek- Joe Michels, Roland Mills (cover)

Jenik-Andrew Bennett, Marco Rodriguez (cover)

Kecal-Terry Welborn

Director-David Connors

Esmeralda-Jennifer Weiss, Kateland Cunningham (cover)

Indian- Roland Mills

Chorus: Taylor Azelton Jennifer Weiss Anne LaBella Stephanie Morgan Russel Janice Batzdorff Ricardo Gutierrez-Soto Marco Rodriguez David Connors Misha Barsky

Independent Opera Company presents: Bartered Bride!

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