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Pigmalion and Aleko!

IOC put together an unusual double bill of two rarely performed operas Pigmalion by Rameau and Aleko by Rachmaninov.

Pigmalion is a timeless story of an artist who fell in love with his creation. Aleko is based on Pushkin's poem which actually was one of the sources and inspirations of Carmen! It tells the story of a a man who fall in love with a beautiful gypsy; however just like Carmen her love is short-lived and the end is tragic.

The two only performances will take place on Friday June 3rd and Saturday June 4th at 7:00 pm at Studio City UU Church 12355 Moorpark St, Studio City. The production will be done in French and Russian respectively with supertitles. More information about production, tickets and cast is coming soon.

Independent Opera Company presents: Pygmalion and Aleko

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